Visit to Karbi-Anglong Dewpani mandir & Hot Springs

Of all the trips made to home Dimapur from Delhi, this trip ( Dated 22nd Dec 09 – 10th Jan 2014) stands undoubtedly the best. Maybe because of my 1st visit to home and in-laws after marriage. Found deep joy & affection in the company of family members and besides it was a great travelling experience.

‘Come one, come all’ Let me take you to a jaunt to the beautiful Northeast; from Karbi-Anglong (Assam) Dewpani mandir to Garampani jungles to Kaziranga swamps to Tezpur Agnigarh park to Sibsagar ahom dynasty to Dimapur Kachari ruins to Kohima’s war cemetery & cathedral to Mokokchung’s ravishing natural beauty etc……..

In the Dibrugarh Rajdhani train for home sweet home.

Dewpani Mandir: A vey popular holy shrine of Goddess Durga which is located at Dawpani (Karbi-Anglong, Assam). Many pilgrims come here from far and near to seek blessings from Goddess Durga and to keep their family always blessed and happy. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the main mandir, so I could not take pictures of Godess Durga but believe me its supremely majestic and magnificient. Besides Mandir; there is a gigantic holy Pipul Tree inside its premises which holds a belief that couples tying a red ribbon around its branches or roots, always keeps the husband & wife, happy, united and quarrel-free.

The enterance of the divinely Dewpani mandir.

Once you enter the premises of the Mandir you can feel the ambience and the divinity of the God around you, peace and calmness surrounds the mandir which is only broken by the fluttering of the wings of the pigeons, or rather I would say that the fluttering of the wings enhances its serenity and the divinity of the ambience. A must visit pilgrimage for couples in Karbi-Anglomg.

Front view of the Mandir


The sacred Pipul tree where couples tie sacred red-ribbon and wish for peace and happiness till eternity.

Bells of peace outside the mandir….

Garam pani: Further towards the NH 39 road, from the Mandir is the Garam Pani reserve, also known as the Nambhar wildlife sancuatry, which falls in the Golaghat jurisdiction, is a favourite picnic spot for its people around. Nambhar wildlife sancuatry is a thick jungle which approximately stretches to 25-30 kms.

Garampani reserve (NH 39)…… mystically beautiful and controversial; beautiful during day, deadly at night.

Driving in this road during night time is ill-advised and very dangerous as you could be easily a prey from its predators. The reserve sustains home not to wild birds and some other animals but also notorious local outlaws and dacoits gunning to loot the travellers, It’s a perfect place for Dacoits to loot and disappear.

The wilderness of this jungle is beautiful and vast…

Many robbery and killing cases have been registered till date.This reserve is very famous for its wild elephants and its garam pani pond. Wild Elephants move in groups during the night time- uprooting trees, breaking its branches, blocking the roads etc, Wild Elephants have created a large fear and havoc more than the Dacoits in this reserve yet some people travel in the night time at their own risk but its advisable not to travel after 8-9 pm.

A board in display, written in Assamese “Dewpani”.

During winter season small streams and rivulets gets dry yet the greenery remains the same.

Anyway, the famous picnic spot “Garam Pani” is a very hyped place in the North-East, Assam. It attracts tourists all the year round who come to see the natural boiling point coming directly from the earths crest. The pond would be more or less in the size of a 100 m.sq and has many boiling points in its water-bed, the the water is speechlessly clean so one could could easily see the hot bubbles pouting out from its very core. But people say the hotness of the natural water is decreasing year after year… when I dipped my hand into the natural pond, it was luke warm…. . was a great feeling.

The Garam pani pond famous for its natural hot water from the crest of the earth.

A large hot spring (water bubble) in the middle of the pond….. Its very deep in the centre

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